Hike to Avdalen Farm

Walk «Folkevegen» the Road of the People, named as such because it was built by

«the people» on a voluntary basis, from Vetti farm towards Øvre (upper) Årdal. Right

before the bridge of Avdalsbrui, take a right on a well-kept path up towards the side

valley Avdalen. The farm is open for accommodation as well as food service during

the summer season. Click here for more information or to make a booking.

You can also make the opposite trip, from Øvre Årdal to Avdalen. In order to do this

follow Folkevegen from Hjelle and cross the Avdalsbrui bridge. The path to Avdalen

is well signposted after Avdalsbrui and you can follow the path to the left up the

mountain side towards Avdalen Farm.