The Vettisfossen waterfall

Vettifossen is the tallest protected waterfall in Northern Europe with a free fall of 275 metres. Vettifossen has been named as Norway’s most beautiful waterfall, and for good reason! The most common way of reaching the waterfall is by travelling to Vetti via “Folkevegen”, which translates as the Road of the People and is named as such due to it having been built by “the people” on a voluntary basis. From Vetti a path will take you the rest of the way to the waterfall. The hike takes approximately 3-4hours and is rich in nature experiences. The waterfall is also mentioned in literature.

In his book «Under Storen» Jan Schwarzott writes:

“By showing its uniquely perfect creation, the waterfall of Vettisfossen invites you to experience what cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Despite being of enormous proportions, the queen herself lets you view her from any angle imaginable, ever offering an unrestricted view of the whole, straight fall.”